Automatic Plant Watering System

This project uses an Arduino Uno, Micro Plastic Submersible Pump, Flow Sensor and a Soil Moisture Sensor.

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The submersible pump has to be placed inside a bucket or tank of water.

Arduino Uno checks feedback from Soil Moisture Sensor to find out if the soil is dry. If yes, the Micro Plastic Submersible Pump is switched on, and water begins to flow to the plant. At a time, only half a litre of water flows into the plant before soil moisture sensor checks if the moisture level is sufficient or not. If it is still below low, the submersible pump continues to run. If however, the moisture level is sufficient, the submersible pump is switched off and the moisture sensor continues to sense and waits till the moisture level reduces to turn the pump on again.






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2 thoughts on “Automatic Plant Watering System

  1. I know it has been a while since your project and I am building one myself. I cannot seem to find any code that works, my plan is to get my system running and then add and modify code to make it fit our needs. I tried to share the article to see the code but it did not work.


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