JMoon MakerSpace

Want to create a prototype of a product you have in mind? Want to brainstorm ideas? Want to collaborate with people for a project you are currently building? Want to create your own Iron-Man suit? MAKE IT HAPPEN at JMoon MakerSpace. Delhi’s FIRST Makerspace is also India’s premier makerspace dedicated to Robotics, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Wearables, 3D Printing and Cosplay!

What is a Makerspace?

MakerSpaces are places for people who like to build, invent or tinker, can socialize & work with other like-minded people. You can become a member, improve your skills on the tools and use the tools for your own projects.

What is JMoon MakerSpace?

JMoon MakerSpace is a self-sustaining community space, open for all passionate makers to access resources of JMoon L.A.B.S.

Why JMoon MakerSpace?

Network : Interact with educators & professionals from different fields.
Training : Workshops, Meetups & Regular Classes.
Support : Collaborate with members for projects & prototypes.
Resources : The makerspace is equipped with a variety of tools, parts and books.

Give us a heads up, if you are traveling to the makerspace for the first time.

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