The following resources are currently available at JMoon MakerSpace (Delhi).


These items and tools are available to all members for FREE.
0-9 : 74HC238, 74HC595N SIPO, 7 segment display, 9V Battery
A : Alligator Clips
B : Battery Box, Bump Switch, Blower (Black & Decker)
C : Capacitors (22pF/100pF), C Clamp (4″/8″), Crystal Oscillator (11MHz/16Mhz), Chisel Set
D : DPDT Switches, Dremel 4000, Drill Bits
E :
F : Female-to-Female jumper
G : Glue (for Wood and Paper), Grinder/Sander (Bosch)
H : Hacksaw, Hammer Drill (Black & Decker 500W), Heat Gun (Black & Decker 2000W), Hot Melt Glue Gun (40W), HT12D/HT12E Encoder Decoder,
I :
J : Jig Saw (Black & Decker 500W)
K :
L : Laser Engraver (8x8cm), LED (Red/Green/Blue/RGB), Light Sensors (LDR)
M : Male headers, Male-to-Female jumper, Male-to-Male jumper, Metal File, Mini Drill, Multimeter (Digital)
N :
O :
P : PCB board (General Purpose), Push-to-on switches
Q :
R : Relays, Resistors (4.7/82/220/1K/100K)
S : Sand paper, Screw Drivers (Normal/Battery Operated), Soldering Equipment (15W/35W)
T : TSOP Infrared Set
U :
V : Vernier Calipers (8″)
W : Weighing Machine (Digital), Wire Stripper, Wires
X :
Y :
Z :

Restricted Tools

These tools are available only to Premium members for FREE.
0-9 : 3D Printing Services (Contact us via email or Visit this link for a quote)

Parts and Accessories

Available at RoboRium‘s in-house shop, setup at the makerspace, these items can be purchased by all members and can be rented out by Premium members. Click Here to know more about how the rent system works.
0-9 : 210 GSM Paper, 9V Battery, 9V Battery Connector
A : Arduino LilyPad-Clone, Arduino Mega-Clone, Arduino Nano-Clone, Arduino Uno-Clone
B : Bluetooth Module, Bondo, Breadboard, Breadboard Power Supply
C : Caster Wheel, Chassis (2WD/4WD), Clear Epoxy Resin, CMOS OV7670 Cameras, Conductive Thread.
D : DC Motors – Metal and BO, DTMF Decoders
E : ESP8266 (ESP-01) WiFi Module
F : Flex Sensor, Fiberglass and resin, Flow Sensor
G :
H : Heat Shrink Tube, Hot Melt Glue Gun Sticks
I : Infrared Sensors, ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module
J :
K :
L : L293D, L298N, Laser Head, Latex (Liquid), LM35 Temperature Sensor
M : Mini Breadboard, Mini Driver Board by DAGU, Modelling Clay, Motor Driver Shield, MPU-6050 IMU, Multimeter,
N : NRF24L01+ Transceivers
O :
P : Piezo Buzzer, Piezo Element, PIR Sensors, Polymer Clay, Potentiometers (2.2K/10K/20K), Pulleys (Large/Small), PVC Pipe (0.75″,1.25″)
Q :
R : RaspberryPi-B, Relay Module (2Channel/4Channel), Resistance Box, RF Receivers and Transmitters
S : Servo Motors, Silicone (Liquid), Soil Moisture Sensors, Solar Robot Kit, Submersible DC Pumps
T : Track Belts
U : Ultrasonic Sensors (HC-SR04)
V : Vibration (Haptic Feedback) Motors
W : Wheels (BO/DC), Worbla (Thermoplastic)
X :
Y :
Z :

Books and E-Books

Variety of Books, E-Books, Dissertations, Notes, and Research papers are available for reference and reading at the MakerSpace. We’ve also got novels and comic books for when you just want to sit and relax!

0-9 : 8051, 8086, 8088, 80×86
A : Algorithms, Amphibionics, Android, Animatronics, Arduino, ARM, Artificial Intelligence, ASP DOT.NET, Automation, Autonomous Robots, AVR
B : Bayesian Reasoning
C : C/C++, CNC Robotics, Combat Robots, Computational Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision
D : Databases, DBMS, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Discrete Mathematics
E : E-Commerce, Embedded C, Embedded MATLAB, Embedded Robotics, Expert Systems
F :
G : Grails (web app framework), Grippers
H : HTML, Humanoids, Human-Robot Interaction
I : Indoor Robots, Inductive Logic Programming, Intelligent Optimization, Inverse Kinematics
J : Java, Java Robots
K : Kinect, Kinematics
L : Laser Cutting, Lego Mindstorms NXT, Linux, Localization
M : Machine Learning, Mapping, MATLAB, Mechanics, Mechanisms, Mechatronics, Mobile Robots, Motion Planning, Multi-Arm
N : Natural Language Processing, NAO, Networking, Neural Networks, Numerical Analysis
O : OpenGL, OpenCV, Operating Systems
P : Perception, Perl, Physics, PIC Robotics, PID Control, Planning, Probability, PROLOG, Psychology, Python
Q :
R : Rapid Learning, RaspberryPi, Redhat, Reinforcement Learning, Remote Controlled Robots, RobotC, Robotics Introduction/Fundamentals, Robotic Manipulation, Roomba, ROS
S : Semiconductors, Single Wheel Robots, Sociable Robots, Statistics, Squeak Smalltalk
T :
U : Underwater Robots
V : VHDL, Vision, Visual Perecption, VLSI Design
W : Wearables, Wireless Communication
Y :
Z :