Teach a Class

Share your amazing skills with other people, through seminars and workshops.

No License Needed

You don’t have to be a licensed teacher, graduate or even completely sane to teach a class at our makerspace. Everyone is good at something. You could teach people how to solder, hack old machines for parts, work with android devices, or anything else under the sun, we don’t mind.
Evil (and the not so Evil) Geniuses are welcomed here!

An event can be a chance to show off the things we make or discuss revolutionary ideas.

How to book a slot?

A request for an event slot booking needs to be made to core management team of the makerspace via email at least 15 days before the event is to be held. This helps in promoting your event properly. Be as specific as possible when giving details. Provide a date, start time, number of hours, as well as any additional time needed for set-up and tear-down. Is it going to be paid? How many people are you expecting? How much space do you need? Are you giving the seminar/workshop/lecture alone, or with other people (your staff or volunteers from the makerspace), and how many?

If your event is free for everybody to attend, so is our hosting!

If your request for a paid event is approved, a booking fee must be paid to makerspace to lock in the slot for the event and is decided by the management team.