vs Other Robotic Stores in India

We recently compared prices of products from RoboRium – The Robot Emporium with other online robotic stores in India in an effort to identify the price difference amongst them.

When it was launched in January 2014, was the cheapest robotic store of India and had several competitors who had been around a lot longer. Since then a lot more stores have started, and we wanted to see if RoboRium still holds the title of being The Cheapest Robotic Store, while we continued to focus on getting high-quality products, and providing the best customer service possible. So on 3rd October 2016, Tarun Yadav, an intern at JMoon Technologies, sat down to compare the prices of RoboRium with some of the other old & new robotic stores in India.

We usually request all of our customers to fill out an anonymous feedback form about their experience, where they may mention other stores they have previously bought products from. The most common stores from this data were selected for the following price comparison. The products chosen are the most common products sold on RoboRium.



Products where RoboRium’s prices are lowest: Uno, Mega, Lilypad, ProMini, Motor Driver Shield, SG90 Micro Servo, Central Shaft DC Motors, BO Motors, Dynamixel AX-12A, Dynamixel AX-12A Bulk Pack, Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Flame Sensor, Laser Head, Capacitive Touch Sensor, Pulse Sensor, ADXL345 Accelerometer, MPU6050 IMU, Tilt Sensor, Bluetooth HC-05, Bluetooth HC-06, All ESP8266 Modules, NodeMCU Devkit 1.0, NRF24L01+ Transceiver, RF Receiver Transmitter Set, FTDI Programmer, USBASP ISP, ROBOTIS Premium Humanoid, TP4056 LiPo Battery Charger Modules

Products where RoboRium’s prices are not the lowest: Nano, Raspberry Pi 3, ATmega328P-PU, Infrared Sensor, PIR Sensor

Even though PIR Sensor and Soil Moisture Sensor are currently not at the cheapest prices among all the stores, and these products are listed in the second category, that is set to change. With the new stock coming in, the price of PIR Sensor will be set to INR 90, and that of Soil Moisture Sensor will become INR 50, once again putting these products into the first category.

Note: 3D Printers & accessories have not been compared because all the stores carry different brands of printers. Though RoboRium has the best priced Prusa i3 Kit.

Are you still buying from the wrong store? Compare the prices of your favorite robotic store with, and let us know the result on facebook.

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