Crying Key (thingy-fied)

On 29th May, 2016, John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) suggested things that should exist, but don’t, like – An all dog version of the blue man group, A universal safe word for getting out of small talk that’s run its course, A way to wink without looking like you are proposing a threesome, Ambien for getting through the part of the day when you are awake, A biodegradable treadmill that starts to breakdown after a month of misuse and disuse, A house key that cries like a baby if you are about to leave home without it, Bread-pants, and A search engine built for parents!

We may not have a solution for the rest of the non-things yet, but the team of JMoon Technologies just thingy-fied the crying house key (with a key-chain and android app combination). Watch the complete video below to see it in action:

This is what the android app looks like, the first time you start it:
Crying Key App

The app starts to cry like a baby, the phone starts to vibrate, and the key-chain starts to buzz as soon as the keys and phone are out of range from each other. The sounds stop only once you go back to find it, and long-press the “Got KEYS” button.

You can also locate lost keys within the house, by using the “Locate KEYS” button on the app. And turn off these functions temporarily, by simply clicking on the “Sleep ON” button.

Download the Android App Here

Watch the full episode of Last Week Tonight by John Oliver from 29th May:

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