What is the JMoon MakerSpace?
JMoon MakerSpace is a club for makers. Its like a gym which provides tools and parts to improve your skills and build your projects related to Robotics, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Wearable Electronics and Cosplay to satisfy your inner geek.

When was it launched?
JMoon MakerSpace officially opened its doors for the public on 18th September, 2014 at 06:09 PM (i.e. on 18/09 at 18:09, WOAH!), making it the FIRST MakerSpace ever opened in Delhi. It is also the first MakerSpace in India dedicated to Robotics, Embedded Systems, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Wearable Electronics and Cosplay suits!

What days of the week is it open?
JMoon MakerSpace is open 7 days a week.

How do I get there?
Click here for a complete address and map. If you have any difficulty in finding the location, please call us.

Is JMoon MakerSpace a company?
JMoon MakerSpace, like RoboRium, JMoon L.A.B.S. and MakerMandi , is a unit of JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Are you guys on Facebook?
Yes we are! Join the JMoon MakerSpace Group or Like our facebook page for regular updates and discussions.

I want to establish a makerspace at my school/college/locality. Can you help?
Sure! Just email us on makerspace@jmoon.co and we’ll be in touch to help you out!

How can I find out about the events of JMoon MakerSpace?
Go to our Events page to have a look at whats happening at the MakerSpace in the near future or join us on facebook.

Who manages and maintains the MakerSpace?
There is a core group of individuals who share management and maintenance responsibilities of the space.

Do I really need to become a member to enjoy the perks?
Yes. To use the cool stuff we have here and enjoy the perks of JMoon MakerSpace, you must become a member. Remember, its like a gym for your inner geek. We have a total of 8 different payment plans; for long-term members who want to continue making project year round, and temporary members who are in town for a few days or want to see what it feels like to be a part of a MakerSpace. So you have complete freedom to choose a plan according to your needs.

How many types of Memberships do you have?
We offer 3 different types of memberships – Barebone, Basic and Premium – each with its own set of perks.
To become a Barebone Member, you need to choose the Barebone Builder Payment Plan. This is a long term membership lasting a minimum of 1 year.
To become a Basic Member, you need to choose one of the Payment Plans from – Day Delight, Wild Weekend, Week Wright, Fortnight Fun, Mad Month. This is a temporary membership lasting only for the duration of the Payment Plan.
To become a Premium Member, you need to choose one of the Payment Plans from – Monthly Making, Quarterly Quest. This is a long term membership lasting a minimum of 1 year.

Is there an age limit to become a member?
Anybody above the age of 18 can be a Member of the JMoon MakerSpace. Anybody above the age of 22 may be invited to be a part of the core management/ maintenance team.

Is there a discount on membership for students?
Yes! There is a discount for students who want to become Premium Members.

How do I figure out the right type of membership for me?
Here are a few hints to help you find the right plan for you.
1. If you are in town for just a couple of days, choose a Basic Membership.
2. If you are you going to stay with the MakerSpace for more than a year, choose Barebone or Premium Membership.
3. If you want to try out the MakerSpace and its tools for a few days before you become a long standing member, choose a Basic Membership Plan and later change it to Barebone or Premium Membership.
4. If you are happy with getting almost no perks, choose Barebone Membership.
5. If you want to pay for only the tools that you use, choose Barebone Membership.
6. If you want to enjoy all the perks and free stuff that the MakerSpace has to offer, choose Premium Membership.
7. If you would rather get products for your project on rent for a particular period of time (and not buy them), choose Premium Membership.
8. If you are a student who loves discounts, choose a Premium Membership Plan and get a discount.

I’ve finalized the membership and payment plan I want, now what?
Now to become a member, visit us during the Open Maker Night. We’ll give you a tour, answer your questions, and introduce you to some of our members. If you decide to pursue a membership, we’ll give you a membership application form to fill out. You can fill out the form and pay for your membership on the spot, or go back home, and complete the sign up process with payment the next time you visit us.
If you cannot make it to the Open Maker Night, please contact us on makerspace@jmoon.co and request to visit on the weekend.

Do I have to submit my membership form in person?
Yes. You must be present to turn in your completed membership application. Forms left with other members or sent in the mail will not be accepted.

Can I apply for a membership online?
Yes. If you complete the payment online, and fill out the online registration form. Filling out the registration form in hard copy and coming to the MakerSpace before payment gives you a chance to ask questions in case of any doubts, gives you an idea about our group and helps us do the same. It also ensure that we’ve had a chance to answer questions and help you adequately understand our policies.

How can I pay for my membership?
Currently, the JMoon MakerSpace accepts membership payments in the following ways:
Cash- We’ll take it! This is our preferred option. Please put cash in an envelope with your Name, Date, Amount inside, which membership and payment plan it is for on the outside of the envelope.
Cheque- Cheques are cool too and you have a record of it as well. Make them out to “JMoon Technologies Private Limited”.
Net Banking – Transfer your membership amount to our bank account in ICICI bank. Ask for account details if you want to choose this method.
Instamojo – Go to Instamojo.com, choose your membership plan, and complete the payment.

Why do you need my email address?
An email address is needed for correspondence. Calling members by phone and sending letters is time consuming. Thankfully, setting up a free email account online is relatively easy.

What happens if I want to cancel or change my Barebone or Premium Membership before the first year is over?
In case you want to cancel or change your Barebone or Premium Membership before the first 12 months of the membership are over, you must pay a small penalty amount.

What if I don’t want to become a permanent member, but I still want to hangout?
That’s cool! There are several regular visitors who we consider “Friends of the Space”. There are some people who can’t afford the dues or can’t make the time to use a membership regularly or live too far away. You can still participate on the facebook group, attend Open Maker Night and other events, however for liability reasons as a visitor you will not be able to use any resources.

I want to bring some friends/family by to see the place!
Great! As you may know we have Open Maker Night. Members can bring a guest to the MakerSpace. All guests must sign the Visitor Signup Sheet available at the MakerSpace. Members must supervise their guest at all times. A Guest must be at least 18 years of age.

Can my friend help me with my project, even if they’re not a member?
Unfortunately, due to legal and safety concerns, guests and visitors cannot use the tools or machinery. Your friend can certainly be in the MakerSpace and assist you with your project provided they fill out the Visitor Signup Sheet.

How is the JMoon MakerSpace funded?
The JMoon MakerSpace is funded by the membership fees of each and every member. The membership fees goes into providing better tools, more space and expanding of the MakerSpace for our members. We also invite individuals and companies for hardware and monetary donations.

This “getting parts on rent” stuff sounds amazing! How does it work?
These items are rented out to Members for a small fee.
Step 1. Member pays the purchase price of the item.
Step 2. After the item is returned, Balance Amount is refunded to the Member.
Balance Amount is calculated using the formula:
Balance Amount = Purchase Price of item – (Loan Price of item * Loan Period)
Where Loan Period is calculated using the formula:
Loan Period = Duration Total in Days/Months
Where Duration Total is the total number of days/months the item was in possession of the Member. Days for Basic Members, Months for Barebone and Premium Members.

Got confused? Still don’t understand it fully? Let us explain with an example.
Say you are a Premimum Member and you want to use the Arduino Uno clone for a project. The purchase cost of it is INR 650/-. But you’re not sure that you will need the Uno once your project is complete. So you decide to get it on rent and pay INR 650/- to JMoon MakerSpace to get the Uno for yourself.
Within a month when you are done with the Uno and have experimented extensively with it and want to return it, you give it back to the MakerSpace. The rent price of the Uno clone is INR 100/- (for a Premium member) and since you used it for only a month, you get INR 550/- (650 minus 100) in return!
Want to keep it with you for another month because you just feel the need to do more projects? No problem! When you return it after 2 months, you get INR 450/- in return!
Decide that you want to keep the Uno? That’s okay with us since you already paid the purchase cost for it!

I love you guys! How do I donate tools/money/stuff?
Money can be donated through Cash (in person), Cheque/DD(in person/mail), Net-banking(online). Tools and other stuff can be sent to our address via speed post/parcel/courier.

What kind of tools are there at the MakerSpace?
We have a whole bunch of tools, parts and books at the JMoon MakerSpace. You can check out the complete list here.

Where do your tools come from?
The initial tools have been provided by RoboRium.com Tools have also been donated by members who bring them in and let others use them! Few others have been donated by companies. The rest have been purchased with the membership fees and monetary donations from people.
If you’ve got an old band saw that gets used once in a year, a lathe, a jointer, or other machines just sitting in your storage untouched, then you can bring them in and share them and we’ll ask everyone to take good care of them.

Do you have PCs or Laptops at the MakerSpace?
We encourage members to bring their own laptops to the space as we do not have computers (for personal use of members) at the MakerSpace yet.

Do you have a 3D printer?
Yes! Its awesome! You can actually get into it and see all the parts moving, making it easier to learn about 3D printing.

What if I want to bring in my tools for personal use only?
That’s fine too. You can mark your property with your name or initials and keep those tools separate from the rest of the group’s.

I have this tool that I want to put up at the MakerSpace! Who do I talk to?
Talk to someone from the core management or maintenance team. They are in charge of handling new tools and equipments. We’ll review any large equipment being proposed and decide if it’s useful to the group. Your proposal may be turned down if we don’t have space, don’t have the money to install it, don’t believe it would be used often, or we already have a similar tool.

Do you have skill building events at the MakerSpace?
Seminar, workshops, lectures and classes are directed towards skill building of makers.

Are there any events at the MakerSpace for non-members?
Yes. We try and host an Open Maker Night which is open to public. Most seminar, workshop, lecture events are also open to non-members. Premium Members have the luxury of getting discounts for paid events.

Are there any events for kids?
We’re currently looking into possible events, but we are not yet ready to accommodate groups of children.

What is the fee for attending an event?
The fee of each event depends on the duration and the topic of the event and is announced at the time of event details going public. Premium Members get up to 35% discount on the event fee. The fee for events is non-refundable. If it is refundable, its mentioned explicitly in the event’s description.

Can I host my own event?
To host a seminar, workshop or lecture at the JMoon MakerSpace, you need to ask us for a slot. Such events usually happen on the last weekend of the month, but may be hosted on some other weekend, on request.

Do I need to take some class in order to use the equipment in the MakerSpace?
You don’t need to take classes to use the equipment, but we prefer that you seek out the help of one of the other experienced makers if you have a problem in using an equipment or are using it for the first time and are unsure of how it works.

What are some of the rates for accessing particular resources?
Below is a list of some of the rates for accessing particular resources. For a complete list visit the MakerSpace.
Any guest or visitor can access Books & E-Books at the rate of INR 50 per hour.
Barebone members can access Books & E-Books at the rate of INR 40 per day.
Barebone members can access Wi-Fi at the rate of INR 55 per day.
Extra Hours beyond the set timings may be made available to Barebone members at INR 50 per hour.
Basic members can access Books & E-Books at the rate of INR 30 per day.
Basic members can access Wi-Fi at the rate of INR 55 per day.
Extra Hours beyond the set timings may be made available to Basic members at INR 40 per hour.
Premium members can access Wi-Fi at the rate of INR 50 per day.

Can I hire you guys to build something for me?
No one has a full time job at the JMoon MakerSpace, we’re all members. If you want someone at the MakerSpace to make something for you, or help you make something yourself, the best way to do that is to talk about what you want with other members or the core team, and see if anyone is interested in helping you out. You never know, you might find someone up for a new challenge, or just as excited about your potential project as you are.

How can I convert a prototype I built at the MakerSpace into a commercially available product?
You can collaborate with JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We’ll review your prototype and if we think its something amazing, we’ll help with the launch of your product.