The Startup Incubation initiative by JMoon MakerSpace and is another way for us to help fellow makers and entrepreneurs go from idea to product.

What kind of a startup?

We are looking for makers and entrepreneurs working on
– Robotics
– Internet of Things
– Wearables
– Augmented/ Virtual Reality
– Machine Learning
– Artificial Intelligence
– Blockchain
– Distributed Internet
– App Based Solutions
for incubation at JMoon MakerSpace.

What does the Entrepreneur get?

Unlimited Access to Makerspace : With our in-house startup program, entrepreneurs can get unlimited access to the makerspace and work on their prototype using all the available resources.
Feedback from Early-Adopters : The developed prototypes get listed on to find early-adopters from the maker community and get their immediate feedback.
Access to Interns and Makers : Entrepreneur’s who need extra helping hands, can invite interns and members of the makerspace to join their vision.
Help with Business Plans and Funding : The entrepreneurs can also choose to get our help to create business plans. Fund raising can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, which is precious time that could be used for improving the product. Entrepreneurs can take our help in raising funds to go from prototype to production.
Discounts on RoboRium : Incubated startups also enjoy discounted prices of products on

How do I become an in-house entrepreneur?

Arrange to visit JMoon MakerSpace and fill out our form with product idea details, and intended application area. We’ll take you through the process step by step.

What does the makerspace get in return?

The entrepreneurs give away a small portion of their company’s equity (up to 5%) and/or share their skills and knowledge with the maker community through workshops and classes. This decision is taken by the entrepreneur and the core management team of the makerspace during a 1-on-1 meeting, once the startup’s idea is selected.

Does the makerspace invest in the company?

Jasmeet Singh, founder, may choose to invest in the company at the seed stage, OR help the startup reach out to angel investors in the startup ecosystems of India and Silicon Valley for Seed and Series-A round of funding.