Smartphone Controlled Dress

Name of Contact: Jasmeet Singh
Title: Founder
Company Name: JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Phone Number: +91 9555956666
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JMoon MakerSpace creates a smartphone controlled dress.

The dress changes color from an Android app.

New Delhi, Delhi, May 23, 2016:
JMoon MakerSpace has created futuristic looking dresses that let the user change its color from a smartphone app. The dresses were created for the fashion show at Portfolio 2016, organized by Pearl Academy, Jaipur.

The wearer of the dress can easily connect it to the smartphone via bluetooth, and then using the app, can start changing its colors. The selected color is reflected on the dress within milliseconds and can be used to create some amazing effects.

“The aim was to create five dresses with wearable technology, which could be color controlled however we wanted. We first tested out the idea with a prototype of the app and a small piece of the fabric. After we were satisfied with the initial run we started working on improving the UI and functionality of the app to create something that was intuitive to use. We then worked on the electronics while the five dresses were being simultaneously designed and stitched.” – Jasmeet Singh, Founder, JMoon MakerSpace (a unit of JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

The electronics of each of the dresses are small, light weight, and most importantly, completely washable. Currently, each dress can glow for a little more than two hours with a full charge of the battery and the design of each dress has a small hidden pocket for easy access and removal of battery, when needed.

The app is able to connect to all the five dresses and has 2 modes – Single color & Multi color. In the Single color mode, the user can make all the lights of a dress glow to a single color, while the latter makes it possible to change the color of each light separately, giving different colors to different parts of the dresses. The controller in the dress receives the data from the app and changes the color of the dress accordingly.

“This was a fun little side project for me, but now Ganeev and I will soon be taking it forward by working on improving the fabric, app, and electronics, while also creating sturdier designs by adding Worbla to it, a ‘cloth-friendly, non-toxic’ thermoplastic that we exclusively supply in India via” – Jasmeet Singh

Extra Info

In a complete role reversal, Jasmeet Singh, with a B.Tech. and M.Sc. in Computer Science worked on the electronics and assembly of the dress, and Ganeev Singh, currently a student of B.Tech. Electronics, and an intern at JMoon Technologies, created the Android App to control the dress.

This is because, “At JMoon Technologies everyone has multiple skills in various domains, and all our employees and interns have explored things beyond their set college curriculum.” – Jasmeet Singh

JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. runs, JMoon MakerSpace, JMoon L.A.B.S., and

JMoon MakerSpace is a shared space where members access a library of tools ranging from soldering irons to 3D printers and laser cutters, to build anything they can imagine. Over the past 20 months, the members of JMoon MakerSpace have created products in Robotics, Home Automation, Internet of Things, Wearables, 3D Printing and Cosplay, through collaborations between engineers and artists under one roof. Each member shares their skills with others by working together on projects.



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