If you are opening up a new makerspace and think any of your interests align with what we are known for, you can head your very own JMoon MakerSpace in your city.
The location of the makerspace must belong to you OR you should at least have permission from the owner to use their home/office/garage/rooftop/warehouse as a makerspace. You may or may not have access to a few limited tools. We’ll bring in all the tools and materials you’ll initially need for the makerspace. Any materials required for sale or use at the makerspace will be handled by We keep the earnings from the sales of products, and a 7% share of the membership fees. You can use the earnings of the makerspace from membership fee and services for growth, running expenditures, or any other way you see fit.

If you already have a makerspace and want us to handle your electronics for you, will be happy to do it. We’ll store all the electronics from RoboRium in a dedicated area (of size ranging from a cupboard to a room) of your makerspace. You will be able to sell RoboRium’s products directly to your makerspace members and will get a discounted price for purchase of products.

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