We’re continuing the tradition

You recently found out why RoboRium has the happiest customers, and now with MakerMandi.com, we’re continuing that tradition.

Don’t miss the launch this Saturday, 29th August 2015

Mandi (language: Hindi) means a trading hub or a big market, and is a centuries old concept in India. Maker Mandi is India’s first online shop where ordinary makers can sell their products all across the globe.

Think of MakerMandi.com as the (easier to use) combination of Etsy + Tindie + Better TDR version of eBay.

Maker Mandi supports the Maker Culture and the Maker to Market view. If you are a Makerspace, a Startup (registered or unregistered), or even a Multi National Company, you can get your logo featured on the home page of the website, simply by Creating A Seller Account and adding a product! NO Sponsorship! NO Donation! NO Extra Hidden Costs!

There are no limits to the type of products that can be added to the store. If you can build it, you can sell it on Maker Mandi. ‪To start off we’ve added some categories like ‎Robotics‬, IoT‬, 3DPrinting‬, Art‬, Cosplay‬, DIY‬, Electronics‬, Wearables‬, HomeAutomation‬ etc.

To make your pricing calculations easier, Maker Mandi will not take a cut from the cost of the product you’ve decided. Whatever cost you enter, while adding the product to Maker Mandi, is the cost that is transferred to your account on pay-out. There is NO listing fees, NO transaction fees, NO payment processing fees.

You only need to figure out the cost of shipping products to our Official Address in Delhi, and we take care of the rest!

You can promote your products worldwide through – Blogs, Videos, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) – or even spread the word about yourself, to get more followers and/or custom orders.

Sign up to start selling and get featured on front page

Buyers can choose guest checkout option and do not even have to create an account on MakerMandi to place an order, which reduces the number of purchasing steps!

Refer to the FAQs for more on Maker Mandi

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