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Meet TinderBot:



It hacks the Tinder app in the best way possible!

Those who just swipe right to everyone on Tinder know that you can only do it a limited number of times. By our experiments, that number was been found to be a little more than 100 (about 120) for us. It may vary according to the user and whether or not you are a using premium services, as this reddit discussion points out. After your limit ends, you have to wait 12 hours atleast to be able to swipe again. So if you’re a lazy person who just likes to swipe right to everyone in 4 minutes (assuming each right swipe takes about 2 seconds) and can’t find the time to open up a profile and read everything in it, TinderBot is for you!

Tinder lets you swipe right on literally infinite number of profiles, but the secret to it is that you must spend some time by opening up the profile, maybe look through the photos and read the Bio because Tinder tracks this activity, and in essence, the more time you spend ACTUALLY reading profiles by opening them, the more tinder lets you swipe right. But let’s face it

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

That’s where TinderBot comes in.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1. You open up the tinder app on your phone and place it under the TinderBot
Step 2. You turn the TinderBot on, and it goes to work as your Best Wingman EVER! (with the exception of Barney Stinson, ofcourse). It opens up each profile and then swipes right on it, using the “Artificial Thumb” mounted on it.
Step 3. Stop whenever you like.

Its made up of 3mm acrylic parts, motors, and Arduino Uno.

Tinderbot platform

Handcrafted Acrylic Body


TinderBot’s setup

Watch TinderBot in action in the videos below
(first 2 have been sped up, while the 3rd is at normal speed):


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