RC Car – Rebirth

Jasmeet Singh, the founder of JMoon MakerSpace, had a 15-year old RC car lying around, which he hadn’t run for more than 11 years. We tried recharging its batteries, fixing the 220-to-110V problem (the adapter needs 110V), figuring out if the adapter was faulty or not, but nothing seemed to work. That’s when we opened it up to see if everything was working okay on the inside. It was, so we decided to create a battery hack of our own!



Our thermocol carving expert- Aman Gupta -created a piece with screws on the 2 sides and a LiPo battery in between. The RC car handles up to 7.2V so the semi-recharged 7.4V battery did the trick. This new piece also made the battery fit snugly into the RC car and it was almost the same length too!

New Battery on the left. Old battery on the right.

New Battery on the left. Old battery on the right.


Time to test… and it passed with flying colors!
Check out the video to see how this 15 year old RC car conquered rough terrains once again!

This is how it looked after the amazing test run!

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