JMoon MakerSpace Automation System

This new project has been made using OneSheeld and automates 3 main things at the JMoon MakerSpace:
1. Door Lock
2. Lights
3. Noise

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This project uses the following sensors of the phone-
1. GPS (GPS should be turned on)
4. VOICE RECOGNIZER (Needs Internet Access)
5. MIC
and DATA LOGGER is used to store csv data in the phone.

The project requires 2 passwords- 1 for entering the makerspace, and 1 for locking up at the end of the day. The commands for turning light on/off or taking photos can also be set according to the user. A relay module is used to control the bulb/lamp and a DC motor mounted at the end of a glue-stick (hollowed out) to create an electronic linear lock.

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