Digital Resistance Box – Its a Winner!

Interns from JMoon MakerSpace participated in the Hardware Hackathon, organized at Esya 2015 (Fest by IIIT-Delhi) and won 1st Prize for their Digital Resistance Box.

Aakash Bansal, Aman Gupta and Robinson Devasia who are Maker Interns at JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., participated in the event held on 21st-22nd August at IIIT Delhi with a concept of Digital Resistance Box and created a working prototype which won them the first position and prizes worth INR 25000/- at the event! The theme of the event was to create something which could be launched in the market.

The Digital Resistance Box uses a keypad to enter the value of resistance needed and then outputs that value across the 2 connected leads. The LCD is used to see that value. Products used in this project have been sponsored by RoboRium – The Robot Emporium.


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